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Grillo Climber 9.22 hydrostatic Ride on Brush Cutter dealer in London & Essex only £8,549.00

Grillo Climber 9.22 hydrostatic Ride on Brush Cutter dealer in London & Essex only £8,549.00

Grillo Climber 9.22

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The Climber 9.22 is a hydrostatic ride-on brush cutter. It is equipped with a diff- lock and front parking brakes and it is ideal for mowing high grass and overgrown neglected areas. The machine is especially suited for use on steep slopes and banks due to its low centre of gravity and wide wheelbase. With a high performance Briggs & Stratton 18HP engine, the Climber 9.22 can perform these tasks safely,quickly and efficiently. The machine is ideal for working in the countryside, agriculture, or in the maintenance of both professional and domestic gardening. Its extreme maneuverability, smooth drive and high work rate make the Grillo Climber 9.22 an extremely rapid and efficient machine whilst at the same time being very easy to use.

The single blade cutter deck has a working width of 91 cm. The structure of the whole cutter deck is designed to be shock-resistant. The blade shaft has a large diameter and the robust drive train ensures reliability in the most demanding of situations. The cutter blade is made from a special type of steel having low-noise levels, and is fitted with two reversible swing tip blades (sharpened on both sides so that they can be reversed once they are worn) which protect the shaft in case of striking unseen objects. The cutter deck also has protective side openings which can be raised for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Grillo Climber 9.22 is a compact sized machine, with a low center of gravity and optimal weight distribution, built to obtain maximum stability under most conditions and allowing maximum security for the operator in working areas where there are slopes. A low positioned padded seat with arm rests gives increased safety to the operator, whilst the low mounted, vertical crank engine which is positioned over the drive unit, the centrally positioned cutter deck, exactly between the 4 wheels, as well as the tank and battery located over the front axle, makes the machine extraordinarily stable.

The front pivoting axle and wheels with tractor profile tyres ensure grip on uneven slippery terrain. On steep slopes the Climber 9.22 will climb with maximum safety and stability. In order to further increase operator safety downhill, the Climber 9.22 has been fitted with front drum brakes which are pedal operated; and used in conjunction with the differential lock permit a high degree of traction.

The extremely small turning circle of only 38 cm allows you to work in narrow confines. The low height clearance makes the Climber ideal for mowing under trees, bushes etc. A powerful, professional 18hp Briggs & Stratton twin cylinder engine guarantees, together with a robust chassis and reliable transmission, high performance even for the most demanding professional operators. The Climbers front tyres have had anti-puncture treatment making work possible in the most hostile of places!

The transmission consists of a hydrostatic unit and a pedal operated diff- lock. The hydrostatic transmission of the Climber 9 series is unique in its class! Apart from the cooling system fan it is also fitted with a copper coil ensuring optimum oil cooling. Furthermore the transmission incorporates a high performance pump giving the Climber 9.22 optimal performance even in the most demanding situations. The hydrostatic transmission is positioned to the side of the engine, and not below it, to help obtain low oil temperature. This positioning avoids warm air from the engine and so subsequent contact with the hydrostatic transmission has been avoided.

The engagement of the blades is made via an electric push-button positioned near the steering wheel. The cutting height, from 30 to 90 mm can be adjusted from the driver’s seat by means of a lever which has 4 cutting positions; the same lever has a position for transfer allowing you to lift the whole cutter deck from the ground. The blade rotation is interrupted automatically in order to negotiate road kerbs. The cutter deck’s belt tension is self-adjusting. The whole cutter deck is always kept parallel to the ground improving the cut quality even after many years of intensive use.


Weibang WB486CRB petrol Lawn Scarifier dethatching dealer in London & Essex only £899.00

Weibang WB486CRB petrol Lawn Scarifier dethatching dealer in London & Essex only £899.00

Weibang Intrepid 486RCB Scarifier

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The Weibang WB486CRB is a robust 46cm petrol scarifier featuring 28 double tipped carbon steel blades and a fully adjustable raking depth to remove moss and thatch and aerate roots gently but effectively. With a pressed steel body with a hard wearing powder coated finish, and a quality Briggs & Stratton engine, this scarifier is built to last.


Swing Blade Design

The blades fitted to the Weibang Intrepid range of petrol scarifiers are swing tip and made of carbon steel. This offers minimal maintenance even when a hard object is struck.


Premium Briggs & Stratton Engine

The Weibang Intrepid lawn scarifiers are fitted with premium Briggs & Stratton 750E Series engines which provide reliable high performance.


Industrial Strength

The heavy duty bearings which support the scarifier cassette ensure maximum reliability even when used on the most demanding jobs


Transport Mode

The integrated transport mode raises the scarifing blades up allowing the machine to be safely transported to and from the working area.


For A Green Healthy Lawn

As you scarify the lawn, the swing tip blades rotate to remove moss and thatch allowing light, water and essential nutrients access to the grass roots.



For peace of mind, all Weibang petrol scarifiers feature a 5 year domestic warranty subject to being serviced annually by a Weibang approved service dealer. There is a 1 year warranty for commercial users.


Stihl RL540 petrol Lawn Scarifier dealer in London & Essex only £499.00

Stihl RL540 petrol Lawn Scarifier dealer in London & Essex only £499.00

Stihl RL 540

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The high-performance STIHL petrol lawn scarifier RL 540 removes moss and lawn thatch from even larger lawns quickly, conveniently and cordlessly. Driven by a powerful petrol engine, the scarifier ensures optimal lawn aeration. The scarifying unit can be conveniently set to the required working depth on the handlebar. This effective complement to your lawn care takes just a few steps per year. Proper scarifying fundamentally improves the supply of nutrients to your lawn and promotes its growth in the long term. Thanks to the working width of 38 cm and the easy-running wheels with special tread, you have all the manoeuvrability and agility you need for your twice-yearly lawn aeration with the STIHL RL 540. The sturdy polymer housing is tough enough to withstand even long-term use. For easy transport, the scarifier is also equipped with a carrying handle. The handlebar can be folded in just a few steps, so that the lawn scarifier can also be stored compactly.

Eliet EL401HC petrol Lawn Scarifier dethatching dealer in London & Essex only £1029.00

Eliet EL401HC petrol Lawn Scarifier dealer in London & Essex only £1,029.00

Eliet Scarifier EL401HC

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The operating width of the Eliet E401 scarifier makes it extremely suitable for small and medium-sized gardens. Its robust construction makes it indestructible. The Eliet E401 is equipped with a set of Permanently Sharp Blades. This dethatching machine can be proud of its ultra-long working life.

Just like every ELIET either dethatching machine, the Eliet E401 has an unrivalled raking efficiency, so that you can ventilate your lawn in the approved manner. As the machine is light and manoeuvrable, it can be used on every single square centimetre of your lawn. Thanks to the infinitely variable depth adjustment, you can set the working depth extremely accurately.

Permanently Sharp BladesTM for a splendid lawn

Every Eliet dethatching machine is equipped as standard with Permanently Sharp Blades. As a result of this blade concept developed for ELIET, the blades are specially treated so that they retain their sharp cutting edge during their working life. As these blades always remain sharp, you can wear them fully down without sacrificing efficiency. These unique

ELIET blades are guaranteed to have a minimum working life of 100 hours.You can only perform dethatching work properly when you use Permanently Sharp BladesTM from ELIET, and not when using other blades. A good surface treatment has nothing at all to do with depth. The main objective is to ensure that all of the moss and weeds are perfectly raked up to the surface so that they can then quickly be gathered or sucked up. This is the only way to ensure that your lawn surface is in peak condition. In a dense and airy lawn, the grass roots are less susceptible to drying out. ELIET dethatching machines are therefore the best dethatching machines for your lawn.

The importance of sharp blades

During the dethatching work, the blades must grip, rake up and raise the layer of thatch and moss underneath your lawn. In this respect, the edge of the blade plays a crucial role. Many blades become blunt after being used for a few hours, and consequently lose their capacity to grip. This results in the operator easily being inclined to adjust the machine so that it operates deeper. However, this has a destructive effect. Blunt blades can no longer cut, but instead dig up a lot of earth and soil. The grass roots are also subjected to irreversible damage and the machine is more susceptible to wear

Large Wheels

The E401 comes fitted with 20 cm diameter wheels. Large wheels run more smoothly and are less affected by any unevenness in the terrain. The nylon rims are shock-resistant. Moreover, the roller bearings are able to withstand the sandy and dusty conditions that are encountered during detaching.

Infinitely Variable Front Wheels

Height adjustment at the front wheels is infinitely variable. Since the height of each front wheel has to be separately adjusted, you are also sure that the blade shaft has the correct depth adjustment across the entire operating width.

Rubber Deflector

Even when you work without using a collection bag, the large volume of raked moss must quickly come from underneath the frame without exposing the operator to anything that is thrown up by the blades. The well-sized rubber deflector will catch all of the dust and sand that is thrown up.

Vertical Belt Tension

Problem-free operation was the point of departure for developing the vertical belt tension. Thanks to this system, the belt retains its natural shape even when it is operating. This virtually eliminates wear on the belt, thus significantly extending its operating life.

Fold-Down Handlebar

The handlebar is easily folded down. In this position, the Eliet E401 occupies little space in your garage, storage cupboard or the boot of your car.


Honda FF500 Petrol Large-Size heavy duty Garden and Allotment Tiller Rotovator Cultivator dealer in London & Essex only £2,049.00

Honda FF500 Petrol Large-Size heavy duty Garden and Allotment Tiller Rotovator Cultivator dealer in London & Essex only £2,049.00

Honda FF500 Large Tiller

The Honda FF500 is the big brother of the FF300 counter-rotating tiller, sharing many of its features but with the benefit of a more powerful engine.


The FF500 is equipped with Honda’s 160cc GCV160 four-stroke petrol engine, which delivers smooth power with excellent fuel economy. It is mated to a four-speed gearbox providing three forward and one reverse gear. The engine setup is completed by the inclusion of a high capacity 1.7 litre fuel tank and an easily accessible recoil starter ensuring ease of starting in all weather conditions.


The key to the FF500’s functionality of its four counter-rotating digging tines which are able to cut through the most compacted soil, offering a working width of between 36cm and 55cm and a depth of 20cm to tackle the heaviest cultivation work with ease. For added versatility you can remove one set of the tiller blades, reducing the working width and allowing greater precision where required. The FF500 can turn in its own length, which makes working up and down narrowly planted rows of crops much less tiring. The FF500’s practicality is further enhanced by the inclusion of an ingenious security loop handle with multiple grips allowing the tiller to be safely operated from any angle, while its large rear wheels with high-grip tyres ensure you never lose traction.


The handlebar folds away to facilitate storage, while a retractable front wheel ensures added stability when moving the FF500 from site to site. An optional Ridger tool adds to the FF500’s versatility by saving valuable time and effort when planting or earthing-up potatoes, tubers and other crops.

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